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      Wooden summer houses

      Wooden summer houses have been popular for many decades. Their demand increased when people got tired of cramped apartments, city noise, and lack of space.

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      Garden associations began to expand, and those who still had relatives in the countryside rushed to cherish their parents’ or grandparents’ homes or build new ones. Since wooden buildings were common in villages, many continued the tradition, and to this day, a significant number of people prefer them.

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      What is a Wooden Summer House?

      Let’s start with the concept of a wooden summer house. The name itself reveals the purpose of the building, but the functionality of summer houses is changing slightly due to varying lifestyles and needs.

      A traditional wooden summer house is a building meant for the warm season. It is not designed for permanent living or for cold winter holidays. Modern wooden summer houses expand their functionality and are adapted for the cold season, with possible additional insulation, increased airtightness, and a developed heating system.

      Even if you only occasionally stay overnight in the summer house during winter, an air heater might not be enough, so before choosing a summer house, think carefully about how much time you will spend there annually and whether you will vacation during the colder seasons.

      Construction Methods of Summer Houses

      Wooden summer houses can be:

      • Built from logs;
      • Timber frame houses;
      • Modular;
      • Made from SIP panels
      • Mobile.

      Log houses have been built for centuries, but nowadays, the technology has significantly improved, and a log cabin can be built quite quickly. The construction parts are prepared in the factory, so it’s easy to assemble and reinforce the ideally measured, smoothed, and impregnated logs. They are much tighter and better fitted together than when processed manually. Such a building will be cozier and warmer, and with high-quality double-glazed windows, it can meet A+ or even A++ energy classes.

      Wooden frame summer houses are assembled from a timber frame, which is then covered with selected construction material (wood fiber, boards, etc.).

      The fastest way to get a wooden summer house is to order online from at an acceptable price. This could be modular, panel, prefabricated, or mobile houses.

      Prefabricated Wooden Garden Houses – Reliable and Quick

      Prefabricated wooden garden houses are manufactured in the factory and simply assembled on prepared foundations on the construction site. Simple, fast, and of high quality.

      They are most often built from SIP panels, covered with wooden boards, i.e., already with the chosen external finish. If desired, we can also prepare them with internal finishes – it can also be wooden boards or other materials you prefer.

      Modular houses are also prefabricated in a sense, but they are brought to the construction site in modules and joined there. They can have both external and internal finishes, as well as integrated furniture.

      The structural parts prepared in the factory are of high quality because they are stored in conditions protected from moisture and properly prepared for future environmental impacts. Automated systems allow for maximum precision in connections and the overall tightness of the building.

      Prefabricated wooden garden houses are delivered to the site within 1–3 weeks if available on-site, or within 10–12 weeks if not in stock. There’s also a longer term if the summer house project is customized according to your preferences.

      Choosing from Our Assortment

      We have discussed the types of summer houses and construction methods, now it’s time to consider the best choice. Key selection criteria:

      • What you find more attractive: logs or boards;
      • Whether you prefer a more classic or modern design;
      • If you’ll use the summer house only in the warm season or also in winter, or perhaps live in it frequently;
      • The terrace and its location (integrated into the house project, attached, or separate from the building);
      • Which construction method is most acceptable (prefabricated, modular, etc.);
      • How many people will usually stay and what would be the need for space and rooms;
      • Whether you would want a small sauna or bathhouse;
      • Other aspects important to you.

      With the list of answers you compile, it will be easy to choose the desired wooden summer house. If you have doubts, contact us using the contacts provided on the website, and our consultants will dispel them.

      It’s important that the wooden garden summer house is of optimal size for you, comfortable, and meets contemporary standards. The clearer you define your expectations from the summer house, the fewer corrections you’ll need in the future, and the more you will save. If the chosen house doesn’t fully meet your expectations, boldly say so, and we’ll change the project. It’s better to wait a bit longer than to later wonder how to improve it yourself.

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