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      Garden rooms

      Modern garden rooms today significantly differ from the ones we were accustomed to seeing a few decades ago.

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      Many of the older constructions have been replaced by contemporary models, altering the overall image of garden communities. More frequently, one can notice intricate house projects in beautiful natural settings that captivate with their unexpected solutions and comfort.

      It’s widely agreed that modern garden rooms should blend with the general landscape, especially in resort areas or locations less touched by industry. What does blending mean? It involves:

      • Colors that are close to nature, suitable for garden offices or garden studios.
      • Exterior decor details with natural elements (like wood) or their imitations for garden studios.
      • Heights that align with the trees. In short, the design of a modern garden room must be thoughtfully planned and integrated into the chosen location so that it complements and aesthetically diversifies the overall landscape.

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      Garden Studio, Stephen 44mm, 3x3, 9m²

      Small garden rooms

      Log Cabin With Veranda John, 28mm, 6×3, 18 m²

      Outdoor rooms

      Prefab Modular Home Kiel 47 m²

      Modular garden rooms

      Garden Studio Kristiansand 44mm, 4×3, 12 m²

      Modern garden rooms

      SIP Insulated Garden Room Caracas 17.5 m²

      Insulated garden rooms

      SIP Insulated Garden Room Kyiv 29.50m²

      Garden room extensions

      Garden Room Strasbourg 10 m²

      Flat pack garden rooms

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      Choosing a Modern Garden Room

      When selecting the most suitable garden room, the primary consideration is the construction material for your bespoke garden rooms.

      • SIP garden rooms – made from special SIP panels, a go-to for fully insulated, bespoke garden rooms.
      • MGO SIP garden rooms – constructed from magnesium oxide panels.
      • Frame structures – where panels are attached to a wooden frame and can be clad with boards.
      • Wooden or log structures. Both MGO SIP and log structures can appear extremely modern, all depending on your and the designer’s imagination.

      At online store, you’ll find garden rooms that cater to the taste of the contemporary individual, featuring panoramic windows and aesthetic design choices. We harmonize comfort with the subtle or even wild beauty of nature.

      A garden room should fully satisfy your needs, lifestyle, and blend into the landscape. Therefore, it will feature urban-like amenities – a bedroom, living room, kitchen, communal services or at least local ones (like water from a well, local sewage, etc.).

      Modern Garden room from SIP and MGO SIP Panels

      This is arguably the most modern solution that can be easily implemented and adapted to the functions and needs of your garden room, transforming it into a garden office or studio. From these panels, small, single-story structures are often built, humorously likened to matchboxes for their shape. However, these “boxes” usually stand out with their panoramic windows offering nature views, leisure and rest-friendly terraces, intelligently planned rooms, and other advantages.

      Remember, MGO panels are made from high-quality magnesium oxide outer layers with polystyrene foam in between, ensuring the material’s strength, impermeability, and thermal insulation properties. Classic SIP panels are made from wood chip boards, filled with polystyrene foam. These panels form the reliable walls, roofs, partitions, etc., of garden rooms, ensuring your garden studio or garden office is well-insulated.

      Not only the mentioned “matchboxes” but also various gable or flat-roofed houses with interesting design solutions are constructed from these building materials. As they need to harmonize with the natural landscape, these garden rooms are typically built with one, one-and-a-half (rooms in the attic), or two stories.

      Contemporary Wooden Garden Room Projects

      If you want a wooden garden room with modern design but built with logs or timber frames, you’ll certainly find it in the range.

      How to modernize a wooden garden room?

      • Install panoramic windows.
      • Equip with all desired conveniences (heating and cooling systems, modern appliances, bathroom and/or shower, indoor toilet, sewage, terrace, possibly even a sauna, pool, etc.).
      • Choose or design interior spaces and rooms that are convenient for you.
      • Give it your chosen style (Scandinavian, Provencal, minimalist, etc.). Even if due to ethnographic or other cultural heritage requirements you can’t modernize the exterior, you can arrange the interior exactly as you wish.

      If there are no restrictions, you can easily blend in with a modern garden room project, whether in a pine forest or a hamlet surrounded by wild nature.

      Choosing the Size of the Structure

      Wooden, but modern garden rooms can be quite small – not exceeding 20 sq. m, or much larger (80 sq. m and more), requiring a construction permit. Everything depends on your lifestyle and objectives.

      When assessing the space needed, consider:

      • How many rooms you need for your comfort. For example, a bedroom, a living room combined with a kitchen and dining area, or a separate living room from the kitchen;
      • How many people will usually stay there. Maybe you’ll need rooms for children and guests;
      • How much space you’ll allocate for water pleasures. Will a shower suffice, or are you dreaming of a bath-jacuzzi;
      • Whether you’ll want to integrate a sauna or steam room. Consider various circumstances, not forgetting economy and coziness. If you feel uncomfortable in a large garden room in the middle of fields or woods, reduce your plans for space.

      Explore our range of garden rooms: insulated, small, modular, flat pack, and modern designs

      At our company, we specialize in a variety of garden rooms designed to cater to diverse needs and preferences. Our range includes Insulated Garden Rooms, perfect for year-round use, providing a cozy and comfortable space regardless of the weather. For those with limited space or specific size requirements, our Small Garden Rooms come in various sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for any garden. Our Modular Garden Rooms offer flexibility and convenience, allowing for easy customization and expansion, ideal for creating an insulated garden office or garden studio. For the DIY enthusiast, we provide Flat Pack Garden Rooms, which are easy to assemble and ideal for hands-on homeowners. Lastly, our Modern Garden Rooms are designed with contemporary aesthetics in mind, featuring sleek designs and cutting-edge materials for a stylish addition to any outdoor space. Each of our garden rooms is crafted with the highest quality materials to ensure durability and satisfaction.

      If you find it difficult to decide, you can always ask the specialists at

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