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      A Granny flats is an independent structure typically situated in the backyard of a family home in the Ireland. It offers an excellent solution for caring for elderly family members, providing them with autonomy and independence.

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      Modular granny flats

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      Granny Flats in Ireland: A Rising Trend for Elderly Care

      In Ireland, Granny flat structures are an increasingly favored choice for accommodating elderly relatives. Offering an economical alternative, these granny flats allow for independence and security within close proximity to family or friends. Available in various types, sizes, and options, they typically come equipped with essential amenities like a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and toilet. These buildings can either be attached to the main house or constructed as standalone units in the garden or another chosen spot. Our prefabricated granny flats kits include everything needed for a complete and functional setup. Not only are Granny Flats more cost-effective compared to traditional extensions, but they also offer considerable comfort and safety for older family members. Additionally, they can be customized to meet specific needs, such as the installation of accessible showers and grab rails.

      Discover the superior safety and insulation of a SIP granny flat

      SIP Granny Flats stand out as a top-quality solution in the array of building types available today. The strength of SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) constructions significantly surpasses that of traditional timber frames, like log cabins, mainly due to their unique construction method where foam insulation adds extra support. While timber frames are robust, SIP panels prove to be even more resilient, offering enhanced structural integrity. Additionally, SIPs offer superior energy efficiency, ensuring excellent thermal performance for your granny flat building. Our granny flat buildings, like Belgrade, are crafted from SIP panels, which set them apart due to their remarkable properties: fireproofing, water resistance, and anti-mold capabilities. These features provide greater safety for elderly family members compared to timber constructions, which are prone to fire hazards, water damage, and potential mold issues, often leading to the need for demolition and replacement over time. SIP MgO buildings eliminate these concerns with their durable and beneficial qualities. We are proud to offer these new, long-lasting, high-quality buildings at the best prices!

      We offer:

      • Mobile granny flats
      • Granny pods
      • Modular granny flats
      • Granny flat kits

      Can i get a fully assembled granny flat?

      Our fully-installed Granny Flats, specifically tailored for elderly individuals, are not only equipped with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable and convenient lifestyle but also embody eco-friendliness. These turnkey solutions, ideal for seniors who prioritize ease and accessibility, are constructed using SIP (Structural Insulated Panels), known for their environmentally friendly attributes. We offer the delivery of fully assembled and installed flats in easily accessible areas, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free setup. In more challenging locations, we provide on-site assembly, adhering to our commitment to sustainability and minimal environmental impact.

      Each flat is thoughtfully designed, considering the unique needs of the elderly, and includes essential equipment and modern comforts suitable for their lifestyle. The meticulous construction and installation ensure that the flat is ready for immediate occupancy, offering elderly relatives a safe, independent, and eco-conscious living space.

      What kind of granny flats can we offer?

      At our company, we boast an impressive array of exquisitely designed granny flats, tailored to suit diverse needs. Whether you seek a cozy one-story or expansive two-story model, with one to five bedrooms, our selection offers versatility. From standard to insulated versions, such as Lily, our wooden granny flats ensure year-round comfort, complemented by endless custom design options.

      We offer:

      Is a bespoke granny flat project available?

      Furthermore, we specialize in bespoke projects, understanding that each individual’s needs are unique. Whether you have specific design preferences or unique requirements, our team is adept at creating custom Granny flats that align with your vision, combining eco-friendliness with personalized design.

      This service is perfect for those seeking a quick, efficient, and environmentally responsible solution to provide comfortable, fully functional living accommodations for the elderly. With our commitment to quality, eco-friendliness, and senior-friendly design, each granny flat we deliver is more than just a building; it’s a complete, fully assembled, and sustainable home crafted with care and precision.

      What you need to know about planning permission rules for a granny flat

      The rules regarding granny flats vary across different local authorities, making it crucial to seek advice from a planning specialist prior to finalizing any plans or starting construction.

      For granny flats, specific planning permission guidelines are outlined on Generally, an extension that doesn’t exceed 40 square meters beyond the original house floor area and isn’t taller than the house itself doesn’t require planning permission, like our granny flat Zagreb.

      Nevertheless, if the granny flat is planned as an independent unit, planning permission becomes necessary. As a separate entity, the owner will need to register as a landlord with the RTB and adhere to several regulations, especially if the unit is to be rented out. This requirement is not applicable for homeowners who have granny flats attached to their main residence.

      The benefits and considerations of adding a granny flat to your property

      Adding a granny flat to your property can be financially beneficial and an efficient way to use space. Understanding your objectives for the granny flat is vital before commencing construction. Consulting with property experts and your local authority is always advisable for any property development project.

      Interested in a granny flat addition? Let’s explore which style suits your needs perfectly! Our team is ready to assist you. Email us at –

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