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      The sauna and its benefits have been known for thousands of years. Despite baths and showers surpassing them, the advantages of various saunas – including barrel, infrared, portable, Finnish, and garden saunas – are widely recognized.

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      If you believe mini saunas are a fantastic way to enrich leisure time, we’re here to assist you in selecting and installing your preferred model.

      Currently, there is a wide range of saunas available, from traditional Finnish saunas known for their deep heat, to modern infrared saunas offering a different heat experience. We offer both indoor and outdoor options, including portable saunas for flexible placement. The charm of barrel saunas, adding a rustic aesthetic to any garden, shouldn’t be overlooked. Let’s explore outdoor saunas in their various forms, like garden saunas, discussing their benefits and features, and how to choose the right one. Remember, investing in any type of sauna, be it barrel or infrared, is worthwhile.

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      Portable Wooden Sauna Olivia 44mm, 2x2.5, 5m²

      Portable saunas

      Portable Sauna Derby 8m²

      Infrared saunas

      SIP Insulated  Sauna Praha 16m²

      Garden saunas

      Portable Finnish Sauna William + 3 zones, 3x4, 12 m²

      Finnish saunas

      Outdoor Barrel Sauna Elston 2.3x3 m

      Barrel saunas

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      What are outdoor saunas made of?

      “Modular saunas” and “SIP saunas” are popular terms in the sauna market, essentially referring to the same thing. Our range includes modular buildings assembled from SIP panels, configurable into different styles like barrel saunas or conventional garden sauna designs. Sauna cabins, including portable ones, can be delivered pre-assembled for convenience and ease of installation.

      SIP buildings are often assembled on-site. SIP panels can also come with external finishing (siding), seen in barrel and Finnish saunas. Once assembled, the sauna is completed with windows, doors and interior finishing. This process is quicker and more advanced compared to classical construction.

      Modern saunas, such as infrared or barrel saunas, are commonly made from:

      • SIP panels;
      • Factory prepared wood

      These small buildings (typically ranging from 15-30 sq. m.) can be delivered pre-assembled like portable saunas or assembled on-site (based on your preference). You can modify the project by customizing a barrel sauna or selecting features for an infrared sauna with options like a terrace or an anteroom. It’s important to specify your desires when ordering online.

      They come ready for use with:

      • Interior and exterior finishing;
      • Electrical installation (crucial for infrared saunas);
      • A connection to water and sewage systems, common in larger Finnish and garden saunas.

      After reflecting the versatility of barrel and infrared saunas you can choose between PVC or wooden windows and doors.

      You have already become familiar with the possibilities of materials used in sauna manufacturing. It’s now important for you to discuss on other aspects:

      • Design;
      • Appropriate size (a small sauna for two; a 25 m2 sauna for a larger group);
      • Style (modern, classic);
      • Colors and finishing;
      • Additional accessories (terrace, gutter system).

      We recommend considering:

      • How often will the sauna be used;
      • Whether you need a room for changing or leisure;
      • Whether you would prefer an open outdoor terrace or perhaps an enclosed one;
      • What shades would complement the main building if you’re placing it in your yard;
      • What other additional expectations do you have for the sauna?

      There are various sauna designs, but the most modern look is achieved by modular/SIP versions with glazed facades, such as Praha. While sitting or lying on the benches, you could experience true delight for your eyes and the whole body with the view of nature and by becoming one with the space that you’re surrounded by.

      If you enjoy spending leisure time in a sauna with family and friends, consider choosing a model with a sitting area. You can also add a terrace or opt for a glazed wall with glass doors for a more comfortable experience during warmer months. Don’t forget to estimate the expected number of people and choose the sauna size accordingly. If there’s any doubt, ask our experts what choice would best meet your needs.

      If the standard option doesn’t have your desired shade, you can choose outdoor finishing boards painted in the color you want. A small sauna, like Liam, should harmoniously blend into your property with other surroundings or even become a decorative highlight.

      Like any house, a sauna is subject to outdoor moisture, so it’s advisable to install a gutter system, which you can easily select from our assortment. This way, you could preserve and protect the quality of walls.

      Why is it worth buying a sauna?

      If you use it for its intended purpose rather than as a storage space, you’ll contribute to maintaining your health.

      Safe and proper use of a sauna can help to:

      • Relax and loosen up;
      • Take care for your skin (especially when using additional, natural exfoliation and moisturizing products);
      • Improve circulation and metabolism;
      • Ease respiratory function (additionally, you can also use essential oils);
      • Support the immune system;

      There are many benefits to list since people are still researching the effects of saunas on the human body.

      So, which sauna are you choosing? We await your questions, desires, and orders.

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      The advantages of small saunas are that they are easy to transport and can be moved to another location if needed. At the same time, they take up little space and can fit in a small plot of land. The biggest advantage is the cost. The smaller the sauna, the lower the price.

      Yes, we can do a custom-made sauna. Please contact our team and we will assist you.

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