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Garden houses

Looking for a place to relax with friends and family members? Garden houses are a wonderful way to create a true oasis of peace somewhere far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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However, wooden garden houses don’t necessarily have to serve as summerhouses; they are often set up as garages, workspaces, or storage spaces.

The purpose for which you are seeking a garden house is not of great significance; what’s important is that certain aspects must be considered to find the right garden building. In addition to garden houses, we also offer a wide range of durable wooden garden sheds for storage or as a cozy outdoor retreat.

So, get to know the main features of garden houses, their advantages, the reasons affecting their prices, why they are the best solution for you, and why it is worth choosing our specialists. is where any garden house project is successfully realized. Contact our Ireland team, and we will find the best solution for your perfect garden house!

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Wooden Glamping Pod Eagle 44mm, 3x6, 18 m²

Glamping pods

Garden Studio, Stephen 44mm, 3x3, 9m²

Garden studios

Garden Studio, Stephen 44mm, 3x3, 9m²

Garden sheds

Garden Pod Drammen 44mm, 5×4, 20 m²

Garden pods

Glamping Pod Eagle 44mm 3x5, 15 m²

Camping pods

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Main advantages of garden houses in Ireland

Even the simplest garden house can have more than one purpose. Let’s take a closer look at the main advantages of garden houses.

Simple and convenient alternative to a typical house

This stands out as a primary advantage of garden houses. Essentially, you get a project that is an inexpensive alternative to a regular house without sacrificing any comforts. Although, the most important thing is a properly prepared building layout, then you could enjoy your garden house with all necessary amenities.

A significantly more economical choice than building a regular house

Another huge advantage is that setting up a garden house or a garden office is much simpler than a regular house. The project will be a much cheaper option than traditional house building. The main reason being the simplified structure of such houses (easier installation and assembly). This, of course, ensures lower expenses. It can also be adapted for various purposes.
As mentioned before, garden houses can be easily adapted for your various needs. If desired, it’s possible to implement a summerhouse, workspace, garage, or storage project.

When should you choose garden houses/sheds or summerhouses?

Wooden garden houses and camping pods are an excellent choice for people who like being in nature but desire an inexpensive and quickly built house with all necessary amenities.

Often, after acquiring land, people are lost among different options of what kind of house to build (as they need to deal with things like a complex house estimate, allocate a significant amount of funds for construction, etc.). The decision doesn’t get any easier due to high expenses and long construction duration, many are afraid to build a larger structure and then decide to settle for a minimal option. If there is already a house in the purchased land, it often turns out to be a small storage shed, where there is not enough space to stay with family and also not enough space for all the necessary items.

For these reasons, our clients started looking for a universal and practical option that would be at a good price and whose construction would not require several years. Garden houses became a choice for those who want to set up a great summer house, workspace, a garden studio or a storage area quickly and affordably on their property. All you need is to find specialists that are capable of setting up such houses, which is exactly what our team members are.

The team will help you prepare the most suitable garden house or log cabin project according to your expectations. We will answer all your questions, and advise on various aspects of project implementation.

What does the price depend on?

The exact price of your project will depend on many factors, including the chosen type of the house, its base price, necessary modifications (according to your needs), all installation works, etc. However, the good news is that once you contact us, you won’t have to worry about the concerns associated with your project.

The team will perform a professional work estimate, will help to obtain the necessary construction permits, and take care of all other specifics of the work implementation.

We’re having a big sale in Ireland, from Dublin to Cork. Just call or write us an email and we guarantee that we will help find the best offer for you.

Manufacturing & Construction of Wooden Garden Houses or Summerhouses

Upgrade from a basic shed to a deluxe modern garden room. Although wooden garden houses are built faster than regular houses, their production technology is quite complex, requiring a specialist’s knowledge to create and implement the desired client’s project successfully. Typically, work begins with the client’s chosen base of the house (examples of which can be viewed on our catalog).

Then, according to the project’s specifics, the structural parts of the house are ordered from the factory. When manufactured, they are brought to the construction site (where the assembly and construction of the house begins immediately). This is how most companies organize garden houses and similar projects, as it ensures faster and more efficient house construction.

Timber frame garden houses

Timber frame garden houses and sheds, such as Tromso, are built from factory-made constructions that are strengthened together into one frame and attached to the foundations. This is a fairly quick construction method, becoming increasingly popular in our country.

Timber frame garden houses are usually clad with factory boards, known for their quality and durability. They can be prepared and impregnated or coated in a chosen color. Quite often, frame houses are built in an “A” shape, with a sloping roof, but they can also be made with a flat or other type of roof.

The energy class will depend on whether your garden house will be used as a residence or just for the holidays. When ordering, emphasize the purpose. It’s possible to build a more airtight garden house, like Hannah, with insulation and high-quality windows, or opt for a standard one.

SIP panel garden houses and Log Cabins

This is one of the simplest and fastest options. Panel garden houses are usually built from SIP panels, which are known for their quality, durability, and longevity. The panels are manufactured and fully prepared in the factory, making them easy to be used for the construction, strengthening of a house.

Since wooden houses and garden pods are quite common in gardens, blending in with the environment, you can choose a SIP garden house clad with boards. The roof can be sloping, one-sided, or flat (the choice is yours).

Prefabricated garden houses

Prefabricated garden houses are an even simpler model. The manufactured parts of the house are brought to the site and assembled on prepared foundations. The walls already have windows and external cladding and, if desired, they also have internal cladding and prepared electrical installation.

These houses are also usually made from SIP panels, as this is the simplest and most reliable method to make them. Ordering a prefabricated garden house will give you a modern home without the long construction. The delivery might take a while if we don’t have your desired model on hand or if you want to adjust the house project.

Modular garden houses and Garden Offices

Modular garden rooms are constructed from factory-made parts and combined into one building. In the assortment, you will find modern houses constructed from MGO SIP panels (most of them beautiful, with flat roofs, showcase windows, meeting the latest real estate fashion).

You can choose any color for your modular house. The most popular are various shades of white, gray, etc. If you want to blend more into the garden and its natural surroundings, you can choose one or a couple of walls that are clad with boards.

Modular houses made from MGO SIP panels stand out with their sound insulation properties, strength, sustainability, and high quality.

Garden house with a terrace

This is one of the most requested models – a house with a terrace. After all, what relaxation in the fresh air is complete without a cozy place to sit? Some of the houses in our assortment, including Sophia, have integrated terraces, but most will need to be ordered separately (by submitting dimensions and matching the terrace platform to the house project of the appropriate size). You can add a shade with a stylish canopy over your patio or veranda area.

On the other hand, you can choose a terrace for any house, even if the project does not provide space. We will definitely find a solution.

If you have already bought a garden house but forgot about the terrace, contact us and we will agree on its production and installation.

Terraces are constructed from high-quality boards that suit both wooden and SIP panel houses.

Which garden house to choose?

The range is quite large, so choose based on:

  • How much money you can allocate;
  • What is more acceptable – wood cladding or imitation of plastered walls;
  • What size is needed;
  • Which model is the most beautiful;
  • How fast it should be built.

No matter what size you need, from 8×6 to 14×10, we have the ideal garden building. You can order online with no hassle, considering what you like the most. For a detailed consultation, visit our Dublin, Galway, Cork, or Limerick showrooms. Our customer service team is always helpful, contact us for anything!

Why Choose is a professional team when it comes to preparing garden houses and making other construction solutions, when helping every client to set up a garden home project that meets all their expectations. In our online catalogue, you will find options of different sizes, designs, and purposes, which can be easily adapted to various needs. Whether it’s a summer house for your family and frequently visiting friends, workspaces, or storage rooms, we guarantee that everyone will find what they are looking for here. Moreover, for the ultimate entertainment space, check out our selection of garden rooms and pods perfect for a BBQ or yoga. You can easily order and purchase quality garden buildings online.

Transform one of our insulated log cabins into the perfect garden office or a remote work space.

Even the cheap garden houses in our online store are of high quality and meet strict quality standards.

Contact us today, and we will take care of everything and ensure that you have a garden house that meets all your expectations.

The price of a garden house mainly varies depending on the chosen size of the house, construction solutions, whether the house is insulated or just a wooden structure without insulation, and of course, the chosen materials and installation works. The price of standard garden houses we offer starts at 2,000 euros.

Before ordering a cabin, you need to consider that our quoted price does not include: foundation, foundation installation, installation of engineering networks (electricity, water, and sewage), as well as interior finishing. Additionally, you may incur extra costs for bringing connections to the house, if necessary, installing a well, setting up local sewage networks, and preparing the groundwork and landscaping works.

We offer various types of finishes:

  • Wooden cladding
  • Cedral type facade
  • HPL type facade
  • Metal tin facade
  • Clincker facade
  • Decorative plaster

However, each of these mentioned facade types has its own advantages and disadvantages, both in daily use and in terms of cost. To learn more about the pros and cons, please contact our specialists.

The production of a garden house takes from 1.5 to 2.5 months. You can also place orders for a later date and make an advance order. This can be done either a year in advance or 3-4 months ahead – it all depends on the client’s wishes. We are always pleased to accept advance orders, the prices of which remain stable and will be the same even after 6 months, even though the market prices may have increase we fix the price and price would be the same.

The garden houses and their parts can be transported both within Ireland and beyond its borders. It’s important to ensure that it is possible for a heavy vehicle, which will deliver the house or the parts of the prefabricated house, to access the construction site. Transportation costs are included in the total estimate for the house. 

A garden house is built on these types of foundations:

  • Ground screws
  • Concrete piles
  • Concrete slab
  • Strip foundation

Upon the arrival of the house, it is necessary to have one of the mentioned foundations prepared so that our professional team can build the house without any additional disturbances

Our team can help you prepare the foundations for an additional fee.

If assembling ordered.

How does the cabin selling process work?

Communication with the Client

Communication is the first and most important step in ordering a cabin. We commit to providing the highest quality communication with the client throughout the construction process of the cabin, informing them about all updates, and answering any arising questions. We give individual attention to each client, ensuring smooth communication and considering all their wishes and expectations.

Consultation About Cabin Construction?

The second important part of the process is consultation with the client. At this stage, we help clients make decisions about cabin selection, providing as much information as possible about essential construction aspects. We consult clients by phone, email, and always invite them to visit our production facility where our cabins are made. Our exposition includes several cabin models, allowing clients to get a closer look at the cabins – from the outside, inside, and assess the quality of the cabins. We strive to give clients as much freedom as possible in choosing the cabin layout, window and door positions, and other cabin options. One individual consultation lasts about 30 minutes, during which we present all relevant cabins according to the client’s need, different interior layout possibilities, partial finishing of the cabins (electricity, plumbing, wall, and ceiling finishing choices.

Preparation of a Commercial Offer?

After the consultation, if needed, a commercial offer is prepared for the client, which provides detailed information. It outlines all technical solutions, pricing, visualisations, dimensions, and other significant aspects. Once the client decides on the order, communication can continue remotely, by phone or email.

Advance Payment?

After sending the commercial offer and finalizing the order with the client, the next step is the advance payment. The amount of the advance payment is calculated as a percentage, from 30% to 50% depending on the cabin (Flexible advance payment is possible). The client, after transferring the advance amount, initiates the order execution process, and the team starts coordinating all production processes.

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