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              You’ve probably all heard about the benefits of saunas, but not everyone finds this activity suitable or enjoyable. Some people struggle with the intense heat, and steam inhalation can be irritating.

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              Bathing in an outdoor hot tub, also known as a sauna tub, is like a milder, simplified version of a sauna because it takes place not in an enclosed space but under the open sky. An outdoor hot tub is essentially a large round bath where it’s comfortable to sit, and the water is heated by a special furnace so it doesn’t cool down quickly. This allows you to enjoy the warmth even in winter when the snow is white all around. Such bathing looks very exotic, creates a pleasant, out-of-the-ordinary mood, relaxes, and recharges the brain. The water heats, the air cools, the wood smells pleasant – a perfectly relaxing experience.

              Bathing in a tub is not just a fun activity with friends or family. It’s a hardening, health-improving procedure, promoting vasodilation and blood circulation, which means organs are supplied more efficiently with oxygen. It’s great prevention against colds, rheumatism, heart and vascular diseases, metabolic disorders, and so on. After all, everyone knows that prevention is always more effective than treatment, but do you always want to engage in it? Well, you’ll want to engage in this kind of prevention because it’s really fun.

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              The Tub – a Japanese Sauna Alternative, Favored by Ireland

              Have you heard the saying that genius lies in simplicity? This fits perfectly when talking about hot tubs. This ingeniously simple invention came from Japan and has been well-received in Ireland and many other countries. It’s a wooden tub (container) with hot water. Before diving into the hot tub, it’s recommended to shower first. It’s important not to bring any dirt or residues of skin care products into it. Also, don’t use any salts, bath oils, etc. In an outdoor tub, you heat up while sitting or semi-reclining, but it’s important that the heart area remains out of the water, which is heated up to 40-50 degrees Celsius. A special cap moistened in cold water should be worn on the head.
              Many people install outdoor tubs in their yards or on their terraces. This sauna alternative fascinates with its simplicity, its is easier (and cheaper) to install than a traditional one and bathing outside, both in winter and summer, leaves no one indifferent. Sitting in an outdoor jacuzzi for a while is fun for everyone. Compared to a traditional sauna, outdoor tubs have several advantages:

              • Cheaper and faster installation. You don’t need a separate room for heating.
              • We will bring the hot tub and install it where you planned it to be;
              • Easy to change it’s location. If needed, it can be moved elsewhere;
              • A tub on a trailer – a perfect option whether you want to pursue a rental business or use it for other services;
              • Relaxation in the tub will be well appreciated even by those who don’t enjoy the pleasures of a traditional sauna.

              Different Variations

              As this sauna alternative becomes increasingly popular, the range of options increases. Though it seems that any improvements here are really unnecessary. Still, you can choose:

              • A stationary tub, which is installed in a specific place designated for it;
              • A mobile tub (tub on a trailer), which can easily be moved to any location. This option is ideal if you want to engage in rental activities;
              • A tub with an external heater, such as Safari. In this case, the heater does not take up space inside, so more people can fit into the tub;
              • A tub with an internal heater, such as Hot. This option takes up less space, making it perfect for a smaller yard or terrace;
              • An ofuro bath, like Brooklyn. This is an oval-shaped tub that holds less water, so it’s more suitable for the relaxation of 1-2 people rather than for a group of friends.

              What are our Hot Tubs Made Of?

              The first saunas of this kind were, of course, made of wood. Wood is still used today because it is an exceptionally cozy, natural and pleasantly mood-setting material. However, more durable materials are also used in the production of modern hot tubs (such as organic glass, fiberglass, plastic, polypropylene), which are much easier to maintain and clean. If wood is used, it is usually mounted on the outside of the hot tub. The interior made of organic fiberglass is convenient because it is more smooth, making the benches more comfortable and pleasant to sit on.

              Since heating up in any hot tub provides similar sensations and health benefits, the choice of materials depends only on your personal opinion and vision. A wooden hot tub stands out with its naturalness and authenticity, but is somewhat more complicated to maintain. It needs to be soaked before use and is shouldn’t be left without water to prevent the wood from shrinking and creating gaps as the walls dry.

              Outdoor hot tubs that are made with organic glass or other modern materials require less maintenance and are not harmed by drying out. Plastic hot tubs also require less maintenance. If you still prefer a more classic look, you can choose wooden siding for the exterior.

              How to Choose the Right Hot Tub?

              The main criteria is the number of people who will be using the hot tub. If you are going to use the hot tub just for your needs, it can be smaller. If you plan to enjoy it with friends or relatives, you will need a bigger one. Also, think about where you will place it and calculate how much space it can take up.

              What are Hot Tubs Heated With?

              Essentially, any solid fuel is suitable, except coal. Coal itself will not harm the hot tub, but burning it releases certain harmful substances that can enter your respiratory tract. Also, not all hot tub furnaces are suitable for wood pellets. When using briquettes or wood, it’s better if the fuel is as dry as possible because then the water heats up faster.

              Hot Tub Accessories and Features

              Don’t assume that a hot tub is just a container with water and a furnace for heating it. Definitely not. Modern hot tubs are equipped with contemporary accessories:

              • Chimney guard;
              • Jacuzzi system;
              • LED lighting;
              • Steps;
              • Polyurethane foam layer for longer heat retention;
              • Comfortably shaped seats inside;
              • Mini bar;
              • Cover (tarpaulin, fiberglass, or wooden).
                So, as you can see, a hot tub is both a source of fun and health benefits. This invention will surely bring your family and friends together. In the evening, it’s delightful to sit romantically for two and enjoy the warmth while looking at the stars. Hot tub maintenance is not complicated, and the benefits are very versatile. It relaxes both the body and the mind that is constantly racing in the rhythm of modern life, briefly bringing you back to the “here and now” moment.

              All our hot tubs can be ordered online and you can see their prices in the catalog. If you have any questions, be sure to reach us using the provided contacts. If you are interested in a larger project, for example, a terrace with a hot tub or a hot tub with its shelter – we will gladly install it for you.

              Contact us at:

              Every client chooses according to their own preferences. Plastic hot tubs are known for easier maintenance during operation compared to natural wood hot tubs. Natural wood, as known, requires more care.

              You can read about types of hot tubs and their maintenance on our website by selecting the hot tubs of your desired category.

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