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      A garage located next to your own house or garden house is almost a necessity, especially when considering the added value and convenience of organic wooden garages.

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      The initial and main purpose of this structure, like organic wooden garages, is to protect your vehicles, but it can also accommodate a storage area or personal workshop. If you’re arranging the area around your house or want to renew an old yard, of course, you’d want the assembled garage, perhaps an organic wooden garage, to not only be functional but also look tidy and fit into the environment.

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      Insulated Garage + Carport Victoria 36m²

      Wooden garages

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      Build it Yourself or Buy a Already-made One?

      Understandably, a garage built with your own hands can be very dear and valuable with its unique charm that only organic wooden garages possess. You can definitely take on this if you have enough time, desire, knowledge and skills. If you want a convenient, modern-looking garage, such as Morecambe, it doesn’t require a long wait – choose from our range of garage options. These are modern buildings with a minimalist design, which will perfectly adapt to your environment, similar to how organic wooden garages blend in with natural surroundings.

      You can choose:

      • A garage;
      • A garage with a storage unit, like our multi-functional wooden garages, where you could hide all the clutter that should not be scattered in the yard (which ruins the overall view).

      How to Choose a Garage?

      Firstly, look at the photos and evaluate which model seems most suitable for your yard, perhaps considering the aesthetic appeal of wooden garages. If you don’t find the right one, contact us, together we will definitely find your desired design. Then assess the necessary size of the building (for one or two cars, or maybe a motorcycle). Perhaps you’ll also want to fit children’s bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc.? The more you want to fit inside, the more space you’ll need. Also, consider whether a storage unit is necessary, its is a feature often found in our wooden garages.
      A storage unit next to your garage is convenient because it eliminates the need for an additional structure for storing various items.

      In our assortment, garages like Carnforth can store various garden, yard maintenance tools: saws, drills, hammers, buckets, watering cans, etc. If you see that you have many tools and they always seem to be out of place, a garage with a storage unit can be a great solution for you, bringing order to your environment. By choosing one building instead of two, you save space and construction materials (because of the one shared wall).

      Can the garage doors be remotely controlled without getting out of the car?

      Having to drive the car inside and then getting out to open the doors, then heading back into the car can be a bit annoying. Therefore, most garage doors nowadays are operated automatically. Liftable doors are convenient because they don’t take up more space when opened, just like swing doors.

      Another significant criteria that characterizes each garage is the price. It depends on the materials used in production, the size of the building, installation works and whether you choose a garage from our catalog or need an individual project preparation.

      Still unclear about the final price of the garage? Contact us!

      Why Choose Our Garages?

      – We have selected models that are maximally simple, universal, easily assembled and adaptable both in suburbs and more remote settlements or homesteads. You can choose the color of the siding, the paint or the gutter system according to your wishes.
      – Individual parts of our garages are manufactured in the factory and the building itself is assembled in your yard. This is one of the fastest construction methods, saving you time.
      – These are high-quality, long-lasting structures that will serve you for many years.
      – Easy to order online. If you can’t find a suitable option, the project can be modified.

      What are Garages Made Of?

      Our assembled garages are made of SIP panels. These are structural insulated panels, currently widely used for various construction works. They consist of  two sturdy outer layers and one insulating middle layer. The greatest convenience is that these panels are glued in factories, and at the construction site, they just need to be assembled according to the prepared project. Another undeniable plus: SIP panels are made uniform, smooth, with precise dimensions (so there is no need to straighten or trim anything at the construction site), the work proceeds quickly and there is practically no waste. This, of course, means lower cost of used materials.

      Do Garages Need Windows?

      As you can see from our models like Archelaosour garages have them. One might argue that a car can stand in the dark, but you will probably also spend some time in the garage, so light is necessary, and during the day it is best to utilize natural sunlight. Despite the primary purpose of this building being to protect your car, various activities also take place in the garage. Ultimately, it’s your assembled garage, so use it in a way that suits you.

      How to Choose the Location?

      We are confident that you probably have your own vision for your yard environment, but we would like to remind you that:
      The path to the garage should be easy to navigate, meaning no obstacles (flower beds, yard decorations, other utility buildings, or similar) should be in the way. It is very convenient if the garage is located somewhere close to the entrance of your property, so you don’t have to drive across the entire yard;
      There should be enough space for various maneuvers in front of the garage entrance;
      Good visibility is necessary when entering and exiting;
      The designated area for the garage must be level;
      Often, the most convenient place is near the house.

      Do you have questions about choosing or setting up a garage? Write or call us and we will definitely help you.

      Our offered garages come in several types. 1. SIP garages, which are warm because they are made of insulated SIP panels. 2. Plastered garages, which can adapt perfectly to your house, as the exterior finish is decorative plaster. These garages are also made of galvanized steel. 3. wooden garages, which are made from wooden spruce.

      Yes, the garage comes with a 5-year warranty.

      Yes, clients can assemble the garage themselves, but it requires well-developed construction knowledge to avoid mistakes during the building process. We recommend our clients use our professional builders’ services to ensure a smooth and error-free construction process.

      The production time for our offered garages ranges from 2 to 6 weeks. Once the garage is manufactured, the construction period can take from 3 days to 2 weeks, depending on the size of the garage structure.

      The choice of foundation types can be very varied, depending on the budget, soil type, and other factors. Several types of foundations we use include:

      • Ground screws
      • Concrete piles
      • Concrete slab
      • Strip foundation

      We strongly recommend having the foundations prepared in advance before the arrival of our team for garage installation.

      Also, our construction experts offer professional foundation installation services – for more detailed information, please contact our consultants at

      Yes, our company specializes in the design and construction of custom garages. We design various types of garages, including:

      • Wooden garages
      • Log garages
      • SIP structure garages

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