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      Summer houses

      Experience relaxation in style with our versatile range of Summerhouses. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary designs, our carefully curated selection offers various shapes and sizes to complement any garden.

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      Each Summerhouse is crafted with high quality, ensuring both elegance and durability, making them a stunning feature for year-round enjoyment.

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      Wooden Tiny house Neto Anthracite 44mm, 5×3, 15m²

      Wooden summer houses

      Wooden Garden House Nome 44mm, 5×3.5, 18m²

      Small summer houses

      Timber Frame Summer House Owen 47m²

      Garden summer houses

      3 Linas sip modulinis namas

      Corner summer houses

      Versatile summer houses: Stylish and cozy spaces for all seasons

      Summer houses are a practical solution for those seeking a stylish and cozy home in garden communities or their own backyard. They are also a valuable choice for those involved in tourism and property rental. Whatever the purpose, a modern summer house can become a real attraction for you, your guests, or tourists.

      These contemporary small houses are easy to build and simple to maintain and keep. If you opt for a unique summer house project, resembling a spacious house, then the electricity costs might be slightly higher. However, a small house is very economical and can serve not only as a summer house but also as suitable accommodation for the cold season or even as protection against harsh winter cold.

      A summer house, also known as a garden house, can be used as

      • A space for summer relaxation, like a terrace with an enclosed room.
      • A holiday spot in a garden or homestead.
      • A resting place in your own backyard.
      • A guest house.
      • A workplace.
      • A temporary or permanent residence, requiring insulation in this case.
      • And other uses.
        There are various ideas, just as there are different models of these houses. If you can’t find what you want, we can always prepare a custom project.

      What types of summer houses are we selling?

      In our range, we proudly offer a variety of summer houses to suit different tastes and needs, including:

      • Corner Summer Houses: Ideal for those looking to make efficient use of garden corner spaces, these houses offer a unique design that fits neatly into corners, providing expansive views of the garden.
      • Wooden Summer Houses: A classic choice, these are crafted from high-quality pine or spruce wood, offering durability and a timeless, natural aesthetic that blends beautifully with outdoor surroundings.
      • Small Summer Houses: Perfect for smaller gardens or those seeking a cozy nook, these compact houses are both charming and practical, providing a peaceful retreat without occupying much space.
      • Garden Summer Houses: Versatile and stylish, these houses are designed to enhance your garden experience, serving various purposes from a tranquil garden hideaway to a vibrant spot for entertainment or relaxation.

      Each type is thoughtfully designed to meet our customers’ diverse preferences, ensuring you find the perfect summer house to elevate your outdoor living space.

      What are summer houses made of?

      Typically, summer houses are constructed from:

      • SIP panels
      • Timber frame construction
      • Log cabins – wooden construction

      All materials are of high quality and sturdy. The modules are not complicated to assemble, but professional craftsmen can do this work faster and better. Therefore, it is worth ordering not only the house but also the installation services.

      How to choose a summer house?

      This question should be carefully considered to ensure that your choice is a wise investment and that you can enjoy and use the house for many years.

      Things to consider:

      • The dimensions of the house (length, width, height).
      • The design and layout of the house.
      • Who it will be for and who will use it.
      • What materials it should be made of.
      • Finishing and colors.
      • The location where you will place it.
      • Initially, we recommend starting with planning. Remember

      If you are building a summer house on a garden plot without other buildings, design it like a regular house, with convenient access and enough space for vegetation and other yard elements. Don’t forget to consider the path of the sun: where you want the most and least sunlight.

      If the house is to be built where there is already a main building, maintain a larger distance, as it won’t look aesthetically pleasing if too cramped together. The summer house should be easily accessible and facing the main building.

      A summer house on agricultural land is an option for providing tourism services and for small summer houses that do not require a project. For permission and other issues related to the construction of the summer house, you should contact the construction permit issuing authority.

      For those planning a complex of summer houses for tourists, consider the importance of privacy – maintain proper distances and avoid terraces facing each other. Even if you arrange two or more rows of houses, preserve privacy to avoid being overly exposed to each other.

      Dimensions, Layout, and Design of the Summer House

      These are very important selection criteria. The choice of the house’s size depends on its purpose, how many people will use it, and the size of the territory.

      For parties and leisure for a large company, 18 sq. m. is not enough. Similarly, it won’t be sufficient for a larger family and guests staying for sleepovers or holidays. In such cases, consider a 65-75 sq. m. summer house.

      For 2-4 people, 28-65 sq. m. may be enough, depending on your interests, as some prefer larger, others smaller spaces.

      When choosing a layout, think about the main purposes of the house. Will it need:

      • Bedrooms.
      • Kitchens.
      • A bathroom.
      • A terrace.
      • A living room.
        If it will be just a leisure or work space in your own yard, maybe one common area will suffice. If you will stay overnight, cook food, you will need corresponding amenities – a kitchen, shower, toilet, bedroom.

      The design of modular houses is very contemporary, resembling minimalism and Scandinavian style. Even log cabins do not look old-fashioned, as any log summer house can be adapted to various styles.

      There is a wide variety of summer houses. They differ in:

      The variety in summer houses includes:

      • Roof layout (flat, sloping, inverted V-shaped, etc.).
      • Sizes and arrangements of windows and doors.
      • Terraces (with or without them), including some houses with a roof terrace.
      • Finishings.
      • Colors.
      • House shapes.
      • Functions, such as with a sauna.
      • And others.
        Which to choose depends on your preferences and what you’re matching it with. If it needs to match the main building, try to maintain a similar style, finish, and colors. If you’ve chosen a model you like, but it doesn’t fit your environment, contact us, and we’ll look for individual solutions together.

      What else should you consider when choosing?

      Think about:

      • The type of foundation you’ll choose. We recommend consulting with our craftsmen.
      • What kind of windows you want (plastic or wooden, and what colors inside and out).
      • Cooling and heating systems. Our craftsmen can install an air conditioner or heat pump.
      • Kitchen furniture and equipment, if needed.
      • Gutters, which we also recommend ordering.
      • Whether the existing, planned color of the house suits you, or if you want a different one.
      • Other important factors to you, considering the purpose of the summer house.
        Remember, prefabricated, panel summer houses are a convenient and quickly realizable project. So, while considering various criteria, don’t forget the option of choosing SIP panels. A relaxation house built from them will be sturdy, modern, and tailored to your needs.

      Frame summer houses can also be clad with SIP or MGO SIP panels, boards – depending on your choice. Whichever construction option you choose, by applying modern production technologies, you will have a high-quality building for summer enjoyment.

      After considering and evaluating everything, and deciding which summer house best meets your expectations, you can easily choose and order the selected model online at

      If you have any additional questions about choosing a summer house, contact us through the contact details on the website. We will gladly advise and help you decide.

      Contact us at:

      In Ireland, a building permit is generally not required for small summer houses if they meet specific conditions, such as being under 25 square meters in area, not reducing private open space to less than 25 square meters, not being located in front of the house, and not being used for residential or commercial purposes. However, it’s always best to confirm with your local planning authority, as regulations can vary.

      Depending on the size and completeness of the summer house, it can be assembled in a few days to 2-3 months. Compared to other construction methods, our summer houses are built really quickly.

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