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          Barrel saunas

          Barrel saunas, crafted from pine or spruce wood, offer a distinctive cylindrical design reminiscent of a barrel. They provide an efficient and evenly distributed heating experience.

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          Available as fully installed units or in a flat pack for self-assembly, these saunas add a natural, rustic touch to outdoor spaces.

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          How can barrel sauna help you?

          A barrel sauna can be a valuable addition to your wellness routine. Its rounded shape ensures optimal circulation of heat, allowing for a more even and effective sauna experience. The heat from the sauna helps relax muscles, soothe aches, and reduce stress, promoting overall relaxation and well-being. Regular sauna use has been linked to improved cardiovascular health, enhanced immune response, and better sleep patterns. Additionally, the natural wood, typically pine or spruce, adds a therapeutic element through its calming aroma. Whether for health, relaxation, or simply as a personal escape, a barrel sauna offers a unique way to rejuvenate and restore both body and mind.

          How to Maintain a Barrel Sauna?

          Maintaining a barrel sauna is essential for its longevity and performance. Start by treating the wood exterior with a high-quality wood preservative to protect against rot, mildew, and UV damage. Regularly sweep the interior to remove dust and debris. It’s important to keep the sauna dry; after each use, leave the door open to air it out and prevent moisture buildup. Inspect the sauna periodically for any signs of wear or damage, especially checking for loose boards or hardware. If your sauna is heated with a wood stove, clean the chimney and stove regularly to prevent fire hazards. Lastly, treat the wood interior with a mild, natural cleaner to maintain its appearance and ensure a hygienic environment. Proper care ensures your barrel sauna remains a safe and enjoyable retreat for years to come.

          What type of stove should I choose: electric or firewood?

          Deciding between an electric or firewood stove for a barrel sauna hinges on personal preference and practicality. Electric stoves are a go-to for their simplicity and control; they heat up quickly, maintain steady temperatures, and don’t require a chimney, making them a convenient choice, especially in urban settings. Conversely, firewood stoves offer an authentic sauna experience. The crackling of wood and the rich, earthy aroma enhance the ambiance, perfect for those seeking a traditional feel. Ideal for off-grid or outdoor locations, firewood stoves need proper ventilation and regular maintenance. Consider factors like installation, upkeep, and the atmosphere you desire when choosing your barrel sauna’s heat source.

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