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      Camping pods

      As evident from the category name, these are cabins suitable for camping or, in Irish terms, for setting up a camp. Camping is usually understood as a recreational area somewhere in nature’s embrace – near a lake, river, sea, etc. Cabins in this area can be rented temporarily for vacations or weekends.

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      Such campsites do not restrict you from modern life comforts like electricity, water supply, internet – but they do distance you from the usual daily environment and allow you to forget the ingrained routine for a while. These cabins can be booked online, either individually or in multiples if you plan to establish a larger recreational area. A “village” of such matching and harmoniously integrated cabins looks very cozy.

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      Wooden Camping Cabins

      These are one of the cozier options. Wood blends well into the natural environment, exudes warmth, naturalness, invites rest, and reminds of countryside vacations. A wooden cabin is suitable for a homestead, garden, or yard next to a living house. You can order it for personal use when friends or relatives visit, or for rental if you plan to start a business.

      Wooden camping cabins can be insulated or not, depending on your project. Insulated ones can be used all year round. Don’t think that the need for such a retreat disappears in winter. People enjoy breaking away from the usual life rhythm and enjoying peace closer to nature even during the cold period.

      The size of camping cabins can vary, but buildings meant for camping are not usually very large, as their purpose is not for permanent living. If you’re ordering a cabin for personal use, you likely know how many people need to fit in it – choose the size accordingly. If you plan to establish a campsite in nature, it probably will have both smaller cabins for couples and larger ones for families with children.

      POD Camping Cabins – What Are They?

      These are also wooden leisure cabins, distinguished by their very appealing appearance – they have a rounded shape. POD cabins resemble a container cut in half and laid on its side. They are small, designed for a couple or four people. This is like an intermediate option between a tent and a more serious cabin, often attractive because it is cheaper. You won’t live in them for a long time, but they are comfortable for short holiday stays. Staying in such a “hobbit house” is really fun for both adults and children. Arriving at a settlement of such charming “little containers,” one can really feel like they’ve shifted to another reality, free from the weary rush, unfinished tasks, and exhausting duties.

      Your Dream Campsite in a Short Time

      All camping cabins can be combined with open or enclosed terraces, shelters, etc. Their roofs are equipped with special coatings to prevent the cabin interior from overheating on hot days. A sauna or even several of them, as well as a hot tub, would be a perfect addition to a recreational area. Simply contact us and share your vision, and we will strive to realize it.

      Of course, the most exciting part is that both our standard wooden and POD cabins will reach you very quickly. You might even start enjoying a cozy and comfortable cabin or a group of them on your site just a week after placing the order. All buildings from are delivered only for final assembly, so construction does not take long – saving time and reducing the final building cost, which our clients really appreciate. If you didn’t find your dream camping cabin in the catalogue, we can prepare a project that meets your expectations (in which case you’ll have to wait a bit longer). We provide guarantees for our products.

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