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      Residential log cabins

      Our eco-friendly log cabins offer a serene, sustainable living experience for those seeking simplicity.

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      Developed over many years, our selection is tailored to meet a diverse range of personal preferences and family sizes. Our log cabins, some featuring up to three bedrooms, cater to both small and large families, ensuring a cozy, nature-oriented lifestyle.

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      Permanent Living in a Log Cabin: A Reality?

      Log cabins are increasingly popular as permanent homes, appealing to those who cherish natural architecture and an eco-conscious lifestyle. Many of our customers share stories of fulfillment and joy in these wooden homes. Living in a cabin constructed from high-quality, slow-grown conifer wood not only brings you closer to nature but also utilizes materials that are kind to the environment and your health. Choosing the right log cabin, with proper insulation and a layout that suits your needs, can provide a comfortable and permanent home in harmony with nature.

      Diverse Range of Log Cabins in the Ireland

      Our extensive collection of log cabins in the UK includes various sizes, styles, and designs, ranging from compact to large multi-bedroom options. Whether you prefer a traditional aesthetic or a contemporary design, we have options to suit every taste. Each cabin is designed for year-round comfort, featuring essential living spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, and excellent thermal insulation. Small cabins are perfect for individuals or couples, while our larger, multi-room cabins provide ample space for bigger families.

      Large Multi-Room Log Cabins: Space for Everyone

      Selecting the right size cabin is crucial, especially for larger families who require more space. Our one-bedroom cabins are ideal for those who need minimal space, offering a cozy shelter and a comfortable sleeping area. Models like HOUSTON and PELICAN feature stylish porches, while ANDERSON, PYRRHOS, and BERENIKE offer spacious terraces. For those needing more room, our two-bedroom cabins, like RILEY with its charming balcony, or models with large terraces like BETTLES and SELEUKUS, are excellent choices. Families needing even more space will find our three-bedroom cabins, such as ANDERSON, BETTLES, perfectly suited for comfortable living.

      The Significance of Insulation in Irish Log Cabins

      To ensure a cozy cabin experience throughout the year, choosing a well-insulated cabin is essential. Our cabins feature twin-skin wall construction, double-glazed windows and doors, and insulated roofs and floors. For an enhanced living experience, upgrades like PVC windows and doors are available.

      Customizable Log Cabin Projects

      We offer customization options for all our cabin models, ensuring they align with your unique preferences. From adding carports or garages to bespoke design changes, our team is ready to bring your dream cabin to life. Our aim is to create beautiful, functional living spaces that meet your specific needs.

      Our commitment extends beyond offering a wide range of cabin models. We are here to assist you throughout the selection process, answering any questions and ensuring you find the perfect log cabin for your lifestyle.

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