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SIP panel houses

SIP panel houses are distinguished by their exceptional manufacturing technology, allowing for fast, inexpensive, yet extremely high-quality home construction. Their principle is factory-prepared SIP panels, which are based on OSB strand boards. It is from these panels that the desired project is assembled.

Preparing structural parts in the factory ensures not only lower costs, but also that the constructed house will have excellent protection against moisture, fire, and other environmental impacts, as well as better insulation and energy efficiency properties corresponding to A, A+, A++ class levels.

Regarding the assembly of such houses, SIP homes have an obvious advantage in construction speed. This is because the panels are immediately prepared in our factory, only requiring them to be brought to the construction site and start assembly work.

The ordered product is usually manufactured within 6-8 weeks – when ordering from our offered samples. If an individual project is being prepared, production takes from 8 to 12 weeks. When we have the panels in our warehouse, in that case, we perform the order delivery within 7 days.

You will find more detailed information by contacting us at the provided contacts.

SIP MgO panels houses

SIP MGO panels houses represent a new generation of SIP homes, distinguished by their improved panel technology, allowing for the creation of a stronger and more environmentally resistant house project.

SIP MGO panels, in contrast to traditional SIP panels, are made from OSB boards and have an additional protective layer of magnesium oxide, ensuring extra protection against moisture and overall structural strength.

For this reason, SIP MGO panels projects are extremely popular in areas with higher precipitation and where greater structural strength is required (for example, in very windy areas). Their popularity is also due to the superior acoustic properties, fire resistance, and load-bearing capacity of the MGO boards.

Although such home projects are still categorized as innovative in Ireland, their popularity is undoubtedly increasing. This is because MGO panels not only meet the advantages of the now standard SIP homes but also possess additional features.

Timber frame houses

Wooden house construction has long been popular in Ireland, so it’s not surprising that timber frame houses are experiencing their golden age as modern wooden house options.

Our country’s climate is characterized by quite harsh winters, a high amount of precipitation, and generally frequently changing weather. For this reason, timber-frame houses are an ideal choice for residential, summer house or commercial modular home projects.

Since the main component of the panels is natural, top-quality wood, these houses exhibit characteristics inherent to wood. One of the main ones is eco-friendliness. There is no healthier home option than a natural wood project when it comes to human health. Additionally, due to excellent ventilation, these houses ensure better air quality, which means fewer allergies and airborne diseases.

As these houses are also assembled from pre-made timbet frame panels, the construction cost is lower, as with other modular homes. It’s important to note that panel-frame houses can be adapted for various needs – summer houses, saunas, garages, etc.

However, it’s worth mentioning that good installation work, which should be done by specialists skilled in working with wood, is crucial for these projects.

Wooden and log houses

Wooden or log homes are the ideal choice for those who value naturalness, the beauty of nature, but also seek a long-lasting solution for residential homes, garden houses, or commercial buildings.

Like any other prefab houses, two main installation methods are possible for these as well. One is the project based on a model. This means that the client simply needs to look through our catalog of examples and order a suitable option.

And if you don’t find what you like, an individual wooden house project is possible. In such a case, you would need to contact our specialists and discuss your expectations for your wooden house or log house.

Whether it’s a commercial building or a fully habitable wooden house, log house, the aforementioned natural wood properties still apply: good ventilation, excellent acoustic and thermal insulation, structural strength, etc.

We can discuss all these and other details important to you during a consultation.

For more detailed information about wooden or log homes, their construction, and customization options, it is advisable to consult with specialists in the field or explore resources dedicated to housing and construction.

Dome homes

The dome structure is a practical and multifunctional choice for those who want to combine aesthetics, acoustic and thermal properties, versatile use, quick construction, and unconventional design. These buildings might seem fragile and impractical at first glance. In reality, their applications are very broad. They can be used for:

  • relaxation areas (playrooms, gazebos, saunas, etc.);
  • leisure activities (events, sports, creative activities, etc.);
  • plant cultivation (greenhouses, conservatories, etc.).

If desired, one can even live in such a dome – such projects are also implemented, choosing part of the space for privacy, while leaving another part open to the sun and views of the surroundings.

Another advantage of domes is that their production and construction are not expensive, unlike other building structures. So, by choosing this design, you not only have a unique building but also save significantly.

Our team will assist you throughout the realization of your idea – from project preparation to production and construction work. Contact us, and together we will discuss your expectations.”

For further details on dome structures and their implementation, consultation with construction and design specialists is advisable.

Hot tubs 

Bathing in an outdoor hot tub all year round is not only a fun activity but also great for health, as bathing in warm water and massage relaxes the body and rejuvenates energy. By installing such a relaxation corner in your homestead, you can enjoy bathing not only in summer but also in the cold winter.

The team can install an outdoor hot tub designed for bathing not only in your private space but also in a hotel, SPA center, or rental holiday homestead territory, or elsewhere. A high-quality, fully-equipped fiberglass hot tub will become the highlight of your leisure time.

We offer to choose already manufactured hot tubs, their accessories, and other details related to this production from our catalog. If you require more information, please contact our consultants at the phone or email provided in the contacts.

For specific details about outdoor hot tubs and their installation, consulting the provided contacts or similar professionals in the field would be beneficial.

Outdoor terraces 

A cozily arranged terrace next to the house is a great way to spend leisure time enjoyably and meaningfully, either alone or with family and friends. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to spend spring, summer, or autumn mornings, evenings, and days outside, regardless of the windy weather.

However, when deciding to install an outdoor terrace, it’s important that it’s not only aesthetically constructed but also practical, comfortable, and functional. Finding the right location, determining the needed area, and other important nuances are crucial.

For outdoor terraces, as with our other projects, we offer two options – choose from our catalog the option that suits you, or we can realize your own vision.

The difference between these offerings is that the first option will take less time, as you only need to choose an existing project, and we’ll take care of implementing it. The standard terrace production time takes from 6 to 8 weeks – if you choose a project from our offered examples in the catalog.

As for a custom project with specific client requests, the production time takes from 8 to 12 weeks. But nothing is impossible for our team. You just need to contact our specialists and present to them your visions and expectations.

So if you’re tentatively considering a house, terrace, or hot tub installation project, do it more boldly. Or better yet – contact our consultants at the phone number, email provided, or come in person for a consultation at the address in the contacts. Our team will gladly answer any questions you may have, provide consultation, advice, and dispel your doubts.




We have been working with modular home solutions for over 10 years, so we know exactly what is needed to implement a quality project. Whatever you choose – SIP, log, garden, or frame house, sauna, or garage, we guarantee a final version that meets all your expectations. – all modular home solutions for your convenience and at an affordable price.”

For more detailed information on modular homes and the services offered by, please visit their website at


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Send us a message and a consultant will respond as soon as possible.


Phone Number: 01782493847

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Working time


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Our services and work principles


What can we build?


  • Residential buildings
  • Summer houses
  • SIP houses
  • Log cabins
  • Frame houses
  • Saunas
  • Garages
  • Carports
  • Dome houses
  • Terraces
  • Storage sheds
  • Other individual projects

Our work principles


Continuous communication with the client – we understand that a successful project can only be achieved through close collaboration with the client, providing feedback at every stage. We not only consult on key issues but also advise, send photos of work progress. Professionalism and quality of work – no matter what the project is about, we guarantee that the work done will be long-lasting and meet all your expectations. We can assure this because we have accumulated many years of experience working with projects of this nature. Taking care of everything for you – we assist clients at every step, starting from creating a project plan with all specifications, helping to obtain necessary permits, ordering boards, and finishing with house installation, decoration, etc. Just contact our specialists and we can start plan any project.

For more detailed information on specific project handling and principles, it’s beneficial to directly consult with our professionals directly.


Why is it worth choosing our team?


  • Work from the first consultation to ‘handing over the keys’ – we guarantee the completion of work from the initial consultation with our specialists to the fully finished and delivered project.
  • You will not need to worry about the project plan, estimates, required materials, finishing, and other works. Our team will take care of everything. Long-standing market experience – our team comprises top-competence specialists with over ten years of experience in modular home design and construction.
  • This ensures quality and efficient construction work. EU standard compliant projects – all projects offered in our catalog meet EU quality and energy efficiency standards. This means you will get an ecological, robust, and performance-efficient project, ranging from B to A++ class.

Individual projects according to your expectations – if you don’t find what you like in our catalog, we will help create an individual project according to your desired specifications. One of the main advantages of prefab houses is indeed the flexibility in terms of the project.

Contact us by phone or email, and we will gladly answer your questions and provide consultation.

For more details and consultation on these services, reaching out to the mentioned specialists would provide personalized and specific guidance. 



Contact us


You can contact us during the specified working hours by calling the phone number provided. You can also write to the email address indicated, and our consultants will get in touch with you within ….

For further information or assistance, it’s recommended to directly contact the organization using the provided contacts.



Mobile: 01782493847

Hotline: 01782493847


Working hours:


Monday-Friday: 08:30 AM – 08:00 PM

Saturday-Sunday: 09:30 AM – 09:30 PM


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