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      Insulated log cabins

      Incorporating effective thermal insulation into the walls, roof, and floors of a wooden cabin ensures year-round warmth and comfort.

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      This text explores the primary advantages and essential features of thermal insulation for both residential and non-residential wooden structures, answering common queries from customers regarding this topic.

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      Opting for an Insulated Wooden Cabin for Your Outdoor Space:

      Our range of wooden cabins, suitable for both residential and non-residential use, is crafted from slow-growing conifer timber, inherently providing good insulation. To boost this natural advantage, we offer a variety of additional insulation methods, including roof and floor insulation, as well as the option of PVC windows and doors over traditional wooden ones.

      The primary advantage of choosing an insulated wooden cabin is the enhanced thermal comfort it provides, maintaining an ideal temperature throughout the year. This is crucial whether the cabin is your permanent home or a seasonal retreat. Proper insulation is a key factor to consider when selecting a cabin, and at, we offer an extensive range of insulated cabins. While initially more expensive, insulated cabins prove cost-effective in the long run due to significant savings in heating costs and increased comfort.

      Comparing Small Non-Residential and Residential Insulated Wooden Cabins

      For smaller, non-residential cabins like garden rooms, offices, or studios, insulation ensures a comfortable environment for work or leisure, even though they are not intended as permanent living spaces. In contrast, for residential cabins, insulation is indispensable for a cozy, comfortable, and warm living experience throughout the year. Insulation is beneficial not just in winter, but also in maintaining an ideal indoor climate year-round.

      At, our selection of residential insulated cabins includes those with dedicated bathroom areas, a critical feature for permanent residence.

      Innovative Twin Skin Wall Construction

      Our cabins feature a twin skin (double wall) construction, enabling efficient insulation using materials like Celotex or Kingspan: 50 mm thickness for walls and 25 mm for floors. Wall thickness is an essential aspect, with standard options of 44 mm or 66 mm, and a twin skin option of 44 mm + 44 mm.

      This construction method is not limited to the main building but extends to other structures like sheds or garages, ensuring the protection and preservation of stored items.

      Insulation in Cabins: Focusing on Roof and Floors

      Floor insulation in our cabins can reduce heating costs by up to 20% annually. Key to this is the use of a moisture-resistant membrane under the floor to prevent dampness while allowing vapor escape. Similarly, a well-insulated roof, often using wood boards and a moisture-resistant membrane, is vital for retaining heat and increasing energy efficiency.

      Enhanced Insulation with Quality Windows and Doors

      Our cabins typically feature double-glazed wooden windows and doors, but upgrades to PVC versions offer superior thermal and sound insulation, enhancing comfort and further reducing heating costs. PVC windows and doors are also notably durable and low-maintenance compared to their wooden counterparts.

      For more information about our insulated wooden cabins, to discuss insulation options for your chosen cabin, or for any questions about insulation techniques, feel free to contact us today.

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