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      Wooden garages

      How to protect your car from humidity and other adverse weather conditions? Wooden garages are one of the best choices.

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      They come in various sizes and models, so you can easily choose the most suitable one. If you still can’t find the ideal option, we can prepare a project according to your vision.

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      What types of garages can there be? offers the following main options:

      • a closed garage with automatic doors;
      • an open garage.

      Mostly, carports are built with side and rear walls. If this option does not suit you, contact us and we will adjust the project. Perhaps you don’t need a rear wall, or you want to integrate it into the house and just need a rear and one side wall. Everything is possible.

      Similarly, a garage can be integrated into the house. Assembled wooden garages are projects that can be easily changed, so feel free to ask about individual possibilities.

      Which is better – a carport or a garage?

      There’s no unequivocal answer. It depends on your needs. Of course, a garage is safer. If you are worried about a luxury car, a garage is definitely more reliable.

      It’s worth building a garage for additional, secure space for bicycles, garden tools, and other valuable items that you wouldn’t leave in an unlocked storage.

      A carport is suitable if you will only park your car(s) in it and not store valuable items. This option is also better for those looking for a cheaper solution. The cost of a garage is higher due to doors and other building materials.

      In range, you will find uniquely designed wooden garages with air-permeable walls due to gaps left between the boards. This way, the car will be protected from humidity and constantly ventilated.

      Why is a wooden garage better than others?

      A wooden car garage “breathes” and prevents the accumulation of moisture. This is due to the unique properties of wood. The less moisture, the better protection your car has against rust. Of course, if you drive into the garage covered in snow and soon there are puddles inside, no “breathing” or good ventilation system will help. Therefore, try to check and clean off snow accumulations before entering.

      Where to build a garage?

      The most important selection criterion is convenience. You should be able to drive into the garage easily and spaciously. While ideal conditions aren’t always available, reorganize your yard space as much as possible to accommodate a wooden garage or carport.

      You can build it:

      • in a separate space;
      • next to the house.

      Build where it’s more convenient, better, and aesthetically pleasing for you. If you think a wooden garage won’t match a brick house, you can build it further away or simply paint the boards the color of the building.

      What size garage is most suitable?

      Wooden garages are built considering standard passenger car dimensions and general standards. The choice of size depends on:

      • how many cars you will keep;
      • whether the garage will also be used as a storage;
      • how much space you can allocate.

      If you have very limited space, a wooden garage for one car will probably be the easiest to incorporate. If you have quite a lot of space, think ahead. Even if it seems that a carport would suffice now, you might need the advantages of a garage in the future.

      When choosing a garage, first measure the intended space, then compare it with the dimensions indicated in the online store. Once you choose the right option, you can easily order online. If you have additional questions or requests, contact us using the provided contact information.

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