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        Modular garden rooms

        Modular houses offer customizable, efficient, and eco-friendly living solutions, with quick assembly and design versatility for modern lifestyles, come and check.

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        Modular Garden Rooms: A Smart and Modern Living Solution

        modular garden rooms offer a highly appealing feature – they are movable, which means they are not considered “permanent” structures and sometimes thus don’t require building permits. This quality makes them highly sought after for uses such as small summer homes or additional temporary structures. Moreover, they can be adapted for permanent living. An additional advantage is that these garden rooms Our modular garden rooms don’t require foundation preparation, but you can opt for it to enhance their stability.

        The term “modular garden rooms” might still bring to mind caravans or container homes, but modern modular garden rooms are varied, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable. They can range from:

        • Modular garden rooms
        • Framed mobile homes

        Both types of modular garden rooms we offer are made using modern construction technologies, with individual parts prepared in specialized workshops and only brought to the site for final assembly. This method shortens construction time significantly, thus reducing the overall cost of the structure.

        In Ireland, modular garden rooms may not be as widespread as other types of buildings yet, but their evolving design, increased adaptability, and convenience are enhancing their popularity. These structures can serve multiple purposes – as a summerhouse, a garden room, or even a rental property. They can be repurposed or sold, recovering part of the investment, if they become unnecessary later on.

        Our modular garden rooms are suitable for all seasons

        Our modular garden rooms at are well-adapted for autumn and winter too, offering excellent thermal properties and the option for additional insulation. If you plan to use a modular garden room for permanent living and cannot find a suitable option in our catalog, let us know, and we will create a customized design to meet your needs. Traditional modular garden rooms are often visualized as rectangular boxes, but our range includes more contemporary designs with large windows, terraces, and either classic or modern exterior finishes. Their interior layouts are also more varied and convenient than those of traditional caravans.

        Faster, Simpler, More Economical, and Sustainable

        Like our other products, modular garden rooms are produced based on modular construction principles, meaning you can enjoy your new space very quickly, sometimes within a month. This quick process is not feasible with traditional construction methods. Recently, more people are turning towards simpler, more sustainable lifestyles with fewer resource demands. modular garden rooms are smaller in size, requiring less maintenance time and energy, which significantly impacts the physical and mental well-being of their inhabitants. Modular construction also leads to approximately 90% less waste, reducing overall material costs and the final product price.

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