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SIP Panels

Sip panels

Looking for the highest quality SIP panels directly from the manufacturer?

You’ve come to the right place! With extensive experience in SIP design and manufacturing, we can offer various types of SIP panels. To get acquainted with our work, we invite you to visit our social networks and see for yourself the quality of our products.

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SIP panel prices are indicated per square meter of the panel.

Thickness (mm)Price (eur + VAT)
12434 eur + VAT
17438 eur + VAT
22442 eur + VAT
25046 eur + VAT
27450 eur + VAT
32454 eur + VAT

The prices of SIP MgO panels are indicated per square meter of the panel.

Thickness (mm)Price (eur + VAT)
12058 eur + VAT
17062 eur + VAT
20066 eur + VAT
25070 eur + VAT
27074 eur + VAT
30078 eur + VAT
SIP Panels
About SIP technology

SIP panels are characterized by a particularly strong and durable construction which is favored in countries like Canada, the USA, Japan, England, the Netherlands, and many other countries.

SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) is an innovative building element, known for its quality and strength. It consists of two external oriented strand boards (OSB) and a polystyrene foam core inserted in the middle. By combining these OSB structural boards, a particularly strong, excellently heat-insulating structural element called a SIP panel is obtained. This panel is not only characterized by exceptional strength features but also excellent resistance to crushing and bending, and most importantly – high thermal insulation properties.

The use of SIP technology is the most efficient, fastest, and most economical way to achieve high energy efficiency. The construction of your passive house using SIP will be significantly thinner, yet warmer, compared to traditional construction methods. Also, less material will be used, resulting in fewer construction waste, and the construction process will not require additional heavy machinery or long-lasting construction work. SIP is a modern solution that truly changes the usual construction norms and standards.

SIP panels are widely used for various construction projects: from garden houses to huge residential buildings or buildings of other purposes. Their universal adaptability allows for providing structures not only with strength but also easily achieving an A++ energy efficiency class.

SIP Panels
SIP MgO panels

Highest quality SIP MgO panels are a type of SIP panel with superior properties. SIP MgO panels are made from inorganic magnesium oxide boards. SIP MgO is a three-layer building element, consisting of two magnesium oxide boards (MGO) with various thicknesses of polystyrene foam glued in between. SIP MgO panels meet the A1 class fire standards, offer better sound insulation than standard SIP panels with OSB boards, are waterproof, completely unaffected by water, have exceptional resistance to crushing and bending, and most importantly, high thermal insulation values. With SIP magnesium panels, construction can take place throughout the year, even in winter! Additionally, magnesium panels do not warp, giving them an advantage over standard OSB panels. Magnesium panels are completely resistant to rodent damage. The price of magnesium panels is 40% higher than that of regular OSB SIP panels.


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