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      Log cabins

      At, we specialize in transforming your vision of a serene, nature-imbued living space into reality.

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      Our diverse array of log cabins offers unparalleled versatility, serving both as residential havens and functional non-residential areas. Whether you’re in pursuit of a charming garden retreat, a dedicated workspace for your passions, or a snug nook to create lifelong memories with your loved ones, is your ultimate destination.

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      Prefab Wooden Sales Kiosk Emily 28mm, 2x3, 6m²

      Wooden sales kiosks

      Residential Log Cabin Cleopatra 44mm, 8×6, 47m²

      Residential log cabins

      Prefab Log Cabin Garden Studio Kaltag 44mm, 3.5×6, 21m²

      One bed log cabin

      Glamping Pod Eagle 44mm, 3x3, 9 m²

      Office pods

      Insulated Log Cabin Antiochos 70mm, 6×7, 37m²

      Insulated log cabins

      BBQ Hut Alaska 44mm, 9m²

      BBQ Huts - Grill Houses

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      Discover the Diversity in Log Cabins with

      Our log cabins aren’t just structures; they are canvases for your lifestyle. From acting as primary residences radiating warmth and comfort, to becoming idyllic vacation homes in nature, the possibilities are endless. Opt for our compact garden cabins to organize and store your outdoor essentials or embrace the expansive designs of our larger cabins for a luxurious family house.

      Middle-sized cabins, like Ellington, are perfect for those seeking a blend of privacy and style. They can be transformed into outdoor rooms, personal studios, or tranquil offices. The combination of striking architecture, huge variety of styles and sizes, the sheer versatility in function makes our cabins a desirable choice. Affordability, ease of construction and a strong commitment to sustainability add to the allure of choosing for your log cabin needs.

      Premium Irish Log Cabins at Your Fingertips

      Our selection at is suitable for many preferences and requirements. Our range spans from single to multi-story models, from cozy one-bed log cabins to more spacious designs. Our insulated log cabins, such as Antiochos, ensure year-round comfort, combining aesthetics with practicality. Customize your cabin to your heart’s needs with our endless design options.

      In addition to garden log cabins, our catalogue includes:

      Our cabins, crafted from the highest quality slow-grown timber, provide natural insulation and a health-friendly environment that ensures your log cabin is not just a building, but a home.’s Easy-to-Assemble Log Cabin Kits

      Our prefab log cabin kits are a DIY enthusiast’s dream. Arriving with all necessary components and clear instructions, they can be assembled swiftly, thanks to our intuitive tongue and groove system. These kits include floors, windows, doors, essential hardware (with options for upgrades like bitumen roofing), PVC windows, and eco-friendly wood treatments.

      Garden Log Cabins: Versatility at Its Best

      Our garden log cabins, ranging from 6 to 40 m2, are designed for those who cherish relaxation and convenience. Choose from various design options to match your aesthetic needs, whether you desire a cabin with a terrace for leisurely afternoons, like our Houston, or one with an attached shed for extra storage.

      The Perfect Outdoor Companion

      Our garden log cabins are not just structures; they’re gateways to charitable moments. Select a cabin with many windows and glass doors to enjoy natural light (while creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere). For the ultimate outdoor experience, explore our BBQ huts for delightful friend and family gatherings.

      Constructed from ecological Nordic pine and Scandinavian spruce, our cabins guarantee durability, low maintenance and commitment to quality standards.

      Convenient Solutions for Extra Storage

      Maximize your outdoor space with our compact garden log cabins, ideal for neatly organizing your garden essentials. These cabins also serve as a peaceful retreat for relaxation with family and friends.

      We can Build Your Dream Cabin

      If DIY isn’t your style, our professional installation services are at your fingertips. Our skilled team ensures flawless assembly, leaving you to only enjoy the beauty of your new log cabin.

      Guidance to the Perfect Log Cabin

      Our professional team is dedicated to supporting you through every step of your purchase. We offer expert advice to help you select the perfect log cabin, ensuring it meets all your expectations.

      The warranty is provided for 5 years.

      The duration of manufacturing a log house depends on several factors: the chosen house model and its modifications. Typically, the manufacturing and delivery of a log house take from 2 to 4 weeks from the submission of the order.

      As an example, the assembly time for a 30m² cabin takes from 2 to 3 days, depending on how completely the cabin needs to be assembled. Factors such as the need for foundations, the application of bituminous roof covering, and the installation of a rainwater drainage system can extend this time. If these additional works are required, the process can take from 3 to 5 working days.

      Additionally, construction time can be influenced by factors such as:

      • The complexity of the project
      • Poor weather conditions

      All our structures are made from dried spruce wood, which is acquired from certified suppliers in Europe. Northern spruce is characterized by its higher density and strength, and it is also less prone to color changes.

      Yes, it is possible to insulate a wooden log cabin. Insulation can be done using various materials, such as mineral wool or other eco-friendly alternatives. It is important to properly select insulation materials considering the cabin’s structure, climate conditions, and intended use. Our professionals’ advice and proper execution of the work will ensure efficient insulation of the cabin.

      Various foundations are used for a log cabins, depending on the size, weight of the cabin, location, and other factors. The most popular types of foundations are:

      • Strip foundations – suitable for various log houses, durable, and stable.
      • Pole foundations – efficient and relatively inexpensive option.
      • Slab foundations – can be used on a firm, stable surface, especially suitable for flat, well-prepared land.
      • Ground screws – A quick and cost-effective choice, installation for an 80m2 cabin takes about a workday. Immediate log cabin installation is possible after groundscrews installing.

      The choice of foundation for a cabin should consider local climate conditions, soil characteristics, and, of course, the cabin’s design and purpose.

      Our team can assist in preparing the foundations for an additional fee –

      It’s an important query to consider, especially since obtaining one should be a key step in planning your new acquisition. Some of our models are – planning friendly indicating that planning permission is typically not necessary for these. Additionally for some bigger log houses, consulting with your local planning Authorities is always recommended for clarity and compliance.


      Although all our log cabins come with a 5-year warranty, they will last significantly longer than the warranty period. It has been established that log cabins can remain in good condition for 60 to 100 years if they are maintained according to certain instructions. Once you have built a wooden cabin, we will train you on how to properly care for and maintain it.

      Customer communication

      Communication is the first and most important step in ordering a log cabin. We commit to ensuring the highest quality interaction with customers throughout the cabin building process, keeping them informed about all updates, and answering any emerging questions. We provide personalized attention to each customer, ensuring smooth communication and considering all their preferences and expectations.

      Consultation on cabin construction?

      The second crucial part of the process is consulting with the customer. At this stage, we help clients make decisions regarding cabin selection, providing as much information as possible about essential construction aspects. We consult clients by phone, email, and always invite them to visit our production site, where our cabins are made. Our exhibition features several cabin models, allowing customers to get a closer look at the cabins – both externally and internally, and assess their quality. We strive to offer customers as much freedom as possible in choosing the layout, window and door positions, and other cabin options. A single individual consultation lasts about 30 minutes, during which we present all relevant cabins according to the client’s needs, different interior layout possibilities, and partial finishing options for the cabins (electricity, plumbing, wall and ceiling finishes).

      Creating a commercial proposal?

      Following the consultation, if needed, a commercial proposal is prepared for the client, containing detailed information. It outlines all technical solutions, pricing, visualizations, dimensions, and other significant aspects. Once the client decides on the order, communication can continue remotely, by phone or email.

      Advance payment?

      After sending the commercial proposal and finalizing the order with the client, the next step is the advance payment. The amount of the advance payment is calculated as a percentage, ranging from 30% to 50%, depending on the cabin (flexible advance payment options available). The client, having transferred the advance payment, initiates the order execution process, and the team begins coordinating all production processes.

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