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              A children’s playground can be set up not only in a park, kindergarten, or school area. If you have enough space in your yard, you can also gift it to your children.

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              It’s delightful when the little ones have activities in the yard and there’s no need to travel to the park. Physical activity is crucial from an early age. While playing, children not only enjoy their time but also perform intensive exercises that develop strength, balance, and flexibility. It’s like a “gym” where, after expending their energy, little ones find it easier to fall asleep at night.

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              Jungle Gym Crazy Playhouse - Children's Playhouse


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              What comprises a children’s playground?

              It’s a “set” of various swings, climbing frames, monkey bars, slides, sandboxes, and playhouses. This set can include all or some of the mentioned parts. Depending on your possibilities and ideas, you can choose a larger or smaller playground. When choosing, definitely consider how much free space you have for its installation, and also the amount you want to allocate for this purchase. The price of the playground depends largely on its size.

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              Now it’s very simple. If you want to buy a playground, look through our offers, select and order. We will deliver and install it at your chosen location. If you can’t find a suitable option, contact us with the provided contacts and tell us your wishes. We will gladly construct a version that meets your expectations. The production of the playground will take a bit longer, but you will have what you want.

              For what age are playgrounds intended? Playground equipment is designed for little ones:

              • From 3 years old: At this age, it’s necessary to strengthen muscles and curiously explore their capabilities;
              • From 5 years old: This is the age when various experiments begin and there’s a need to expend excess energy;
              • From 7 years old: At this age, children can start refining what they have learned so far and undertake new discoveries.

              For children younger than 3 years, playgrounds are not recommended, but rather sandboxes, low climbing equipment, outdoor musical instruments, etc. Of course, this division is very conditional, as children are different, mature at different paces, and have different interests. If the playground is to be installed in a public space – such as a park, city, near a school, etc. – it’s best that it offers activities for little ones of different ages. If you’re building it in your private yard, consider the age and needs of your children, as well as your possibilities.

              What materials are used for playground production?

              These are sturdy, safe, and environmentally resistant materials. The main ones are wood and metal. Wood always looks very cozy, attractive, and aesthetically pleasing. To prevent it from rotting outdoors, it must be treated with appropriate impregnants. Metal constructions appear more modern, are sturdier, and more durable. Another quite popular material is plastic, which is moisture-resistant, lightweight, and easy to maintain.

              Often several materials are combined, cushions are applied to swing seats, etc., all to ensure that it’s both beautiful, fun, and comfortable.

              The children’s playgrounds offered in the online store are safe, fun, and suitable for various ages of little ones. If you notice that something is missing in the presented variant, the desired accessory can be purchased separately. We have playhouses, sandboxes, swings. Create the playground space you want. And if you have questions, be sure to write or call us using the provided contacts.

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