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Advantages of a timber frame house over a brick house

Advantages of a timber frame house over a brick house

Brick or timber frame? Timber frame or brick? The question sounds similar to ‘To be or not to be?’, right? If you are also troubled by these Shakespearean play-worthy questions, it is worth consulting with the timber frame house specialists at, who are happy to share their insights and observations accumulated from years of experience.

Construction terms

Karkasiniai namai šioje vietoje vienareikšmiškai pirmauja. Dažniausiai jų statybos trukmė net dvigubai trumpesnė nei mūrinių. Taip yra todėl, kad jų konstrukcijos gaminamos specialiose gamyklose. Jos būna jau išmatuotos, supjautos ir paruoštos surinkimui. O surinkti namą iš karkasų užtrunka labai greitai. Pilnai įrengti tokį namą, į kurį praktiškai iš karto galima kraustytis, užtrunka apie porą mėnesių.

Thermal Insulation Properties

There’s a persistent myth that houses assembled from frames are not suited for climate change. Supposedly, they are cold in winter and hot in summer. However, this myth is debunked by Scandinavians and Americans. Frame houses in Scandinavia and North America are among the most popular. And there, believe it, the climate conditions are significantly more varied than in our region.


Ecology plays a very important role in the lives of people all around the world nowadays. So, if it matters to you what materials your house is built from, it’s worth paying attention, because the materials used for the construction of frame houses are more environmentally and health-friendly. Instead of conventional masonry or concrete, natural wood is used in the main structural parts. Such solutions ensure a non-harmful environment.

Location Choice?

The location of the house also plays a very important role in the decision-making process. Unlike brick houses, one of the advantages of frame houses is that they can be built in almost any chosen location, even where there is no electricity supply.

Understandably, planning and choosing a house project is not an easy task, especially for those who have no experience in this field. The experienced team at is ready to help you create your desired home. Contact us today!


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