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Which roof covering to choose?

Which roof covering to choose?

Roof covering is an important element of a building. It reinforces the house’s frame and protects against all environmental factors – rain, snow, wind, cold, and heat. The higher its quality, the more reliable the protection. Many expect from the roofing not only practical functions but also beauty. It should complement the overall exterior of the building and blend into its entirety. There are quite a few options on the market, so it’s not always clear which roof covering to choose.

The choice primarily depends on the building project and the type of roof. Which is yours?





Covering suitable for a sloped roof usually is not suitable for a flat roof and vice versa. What types of coverings can there be?

Wavy sheets, reminiscent of old-time shingles, are made from natural materials and are asbestos-free.

Tiles (concrete, ceramic, bituminous).

Sheet metal, steel.

Bituminous covering.

A flat roof can even be landscaped. A layer of landscaping structure with drainage and other elements is added on top of the main covering.

Bituminous covering is best suited for a flat roof. The roof structure itself is first prepared from several layers. Some protect against moisture, others from cold, and the top layer is glued on at the end. The roof edges are usually reinforced with sheet metal.

For sloped roofs, the covering is recommended based on the slope degree.

Roof cover typeDegrees from
Tin, steel9

You will find precise slope recommendations in the description of the chosen covering, or ask the consultants at

The pros and cons of coverings

The roof is the first to encounter rain and snow. Falling rain creates noise when hitting the roof, and snow accumulates, creating a heavy load.

If the roof structure, on which you will mount the covering, is not very sturdy, choose lighter options. For example, sheet metal, steel, or shingles. The first two are the lightest, but the noise of rain can be more noticeable. However, nowadays there are various materials available that can suppress sound.

If you live near the sea, sheet metal is not highly recommended as it can rust more quickly. Shingles would be a better choice.

Ceramic tiles are beautiful but quite expensive and fragile. Bituminous shingles are one of the most popular choices due to a reasonable price-quality ratio. They are known for their quality and sound insulation properties. However, they are not as long-lasting as classic, concrete tiles.

Which covering is more beautiful?

The beauty of a roof covering depends on how it matches the exterior. Color harmony is important. Coordinate them with the color of the exterior walls. For example, a brown roof suits a yellowish hue. With white bricks, black, dark grey, or brown would match. There can be various options.

Choose according to your taste, but also consider general fashion and beauty trends. If you are choosing a house, summer house, or another building in the online store, you will find roof covering recommendations. If you have additional questions – get in touch.


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